Tuesday, May 12, 2015

MB Bike Week - Koolaids Kustoms

Myrtle Beach Bike Week is upon us again. Well, officially "Spring Rally".

I am headed, today, to a new shop called Koolaids Kustoms to have a sound system installed on Vicci. These guys do a lot of work on customizing Victory motorcycles. The custom creations I have seen are truly awesome!
I have read several reviews on the great quality of the sound system I am getting. I am certain the installation will also be superior! I already know the deal I'm getting is better than anyone else can offer. There is a fun day planned at KK and I am looking forward to making new friends!

Koolaids Kustoms is located at 1200 Glenns Bay Road in Surfside Beach. Stop by sometime and see Eightball and 'Koolaid!

Time to ride!!

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